Good quality comes from constant experimentation and innovation

Recycling is an effective way to deal with waste foam materials. As the economy continues to change and living standards continue to improve, there have been more and more waste foam materials beside us, such as, disposable foam fast food boxes, cake boxes, home appliances, foam containers for transporting vegetables and seafood, etc. These widely appeared waste foam materials are water resistant, compressive, non-absorbent, and susceptible to corrosion, and cannot be well consumed by the environment. If bury it to make it corroded slowly, it will be a long process, and in this process may also cause secondary pollution to the land resources. In fact, in addition to being landfilled, waste foam is a very popular recyclable plastic. The recycling method is also very simple, you only need a recycling machine.

There are two kinds of waste foam recycling machine. One is compactor, another is melter. GreenMax is a professional foam recycling machinery brand, it is designed for those who want to engage in foam recycling business. GreenMax has Apolo series compactors and Mars series melters. GreenMax compactors are used to crush and compress the waste foam into Blocks, and GreenMax melter are used to crush and melt the waste foam into ingots.

Let’s take the melter as an example, GreenMax in order to equip the melters with better quality, its technical team is still committed to researching and improving the quality of the machine every day. It mainly reflects in the testing of the foam recycling machine. What does the test mean? As the name suggests, test is to run the machine to see whether it needs to be improved. Over the years, GreenMax always has the good habit, through the testing of the machine to improve and innovate. All the efforts are to let the customers get better quality of the melters. GreenMax is a really responsible team. Good quality comes from constant experimentation and innovation.

The structure and working principle of GreenMax hot melt machine is very simple. The melter mainly consists of three parts: feeding silo, hot melt bin, and a control box. In general, only one person is needed to complete a simple foam materials recycling process. First you need to start the machine through operating the control box, and then you only need to throw the waste foam materials into the silo, what you need to do is completed. The machine will help you solve the rest of the things, and its crusher will help you cut the waste foam into pieces, and then the hot melt system will heat the foam pieces into Ingots which has small volume. Then you only need to find a mold to turn the ingots into the shape you want. Actually, the whole process seems simple, but it’s all owing to the technical workers who are committed to improving and innovating every day.

By the way, when you get the melted ingots, you can sell it to others to granulate and produce other products. How to deal with it depends on your own. Of course, if you wish, GreenMax can also buy your melted materials. So with GreenMax recycling machine, waste foam recycling will be very simple for you. To help you turn waste into treasure and save energy, GreenMax has always been working hard!