Furniture Companies Develop Recycling by Turning Styrofoam Waste into Value with Styrofoam Densifier

In the past two years, due to the negative impact of COVID-19, many industries have entered the cold winter period, and a large number of small companies have closed down due to insufficient financial support. However, some industries seize this opportunity and get further development, such as takeout and furniture. The development of the take-out industry is the direct result of the impact of various restrictions on contact policies, while the furniture industry is the indirect result of the increase of people's home time during the epidemic period.

Since furniture is generally packaged by Styrofoam, the development of the furniture industry undoubtedly leads to the surge of Styrofoam packaging. It can be imagined what kind of Styrofoam packaging waste scenario is behind this development. But now things have changed, Styrofoam densifier has become the first choice for many furniture companies.

A large number of furniture listed leads to the increase of the total packing volume of Styrofoam, which poses various challenges to the furniture companies to effectively manage excessive waste. In most cases, Styrofoam waste will enter landfills and water bodies, leading to environmental pollution. Recycling itself is a constructive solution for enterprises, which can effectively manage Styrofoam waste and make a positive contribution to the environment.

Styrofoam densifier is advanced mechanical equipment that helps furniture companies to compact Styrofoam packaging with maximum convenience and efficiency. It reduces the number of Styrofoam packages and greatly simplifies the process of transportation and storage. Many enterprises are effectively using Styrofoam densifiers to handle Styrofoam waste. But how does it help companies create value?

The method is as follows

① Compacted Styrofoam waste can be used to produce other useful products. This eliminates the need for fresh agricultural products and saves energy and labor demand.

Styrofoam densifier makes it very easy to store Styrofoam waste for businesses. The compaction process reduces the volume by nearly 89 / 90 and can be accommodated in the warehouse for future use or further processing.

③Reduced volume further improves the efficiency of transporting foam waste in enterprises. Therefore, the transportation cost is saved because a large amount of waste can be transported in one way.

④ The technical advantages of Styrofoam densifiers make them very efficient in energy consumption. In addition, the automation of these machines minimizes human involvement.