Foam Recyclers Should Prevent Fire in Factory by Applying Foam Densifier

The fire at the Advanced Foam Recycling plant in the Fort Worth suburb of Richland Hills was reported about 12:30 p.m. Thursday and quickly engulfed the building and three workers were injured. About 100 firefighters from nine departments fought the blaze that sent up a dense column of smoke visible for about 30 miles. Whether you admit it or not, at least for those foam recyclers, the fire threat caused by foam is more frightening than the subtle negative impact on the environment.


Obviously, in the United States, where the ban on foam prevails in many regions, if there are more serious accidents about foam like this fire, it will certainly aggravate the public's antipathy to foam and the government's enforcement of the ban. No matter what, it's not something that foam recyclers are willing to see. So it's high time for foam recyclers to take measures to prevent fires, such as applying a foam densifier.


Before wondering how a foam densifier can suppress the fire, one question needs to be clarified, that is, why foam factories are so easy to cause fire and difficult to put out? According to the research, there are mainly the following reasons.

1. First of all, the foam itself is a kind of flammable material.

2. The air of the foam factory is filled with tiny pieces of foam, which forms dust and increases the possibility of fire caused by static electricity.

3. Foam occupies a lot of space in the factory due to its looseness, and it will burn rapidly once it is on fire.

Taking the above-mentioned reasons into consideration, Undoubtedly, a foam densifier is an ideal foam recycling machine, it can easily handle the foam dust and because the dust is light, it is easy to float around, or it can be put in a big bag and slowly fall on the melting part. In addition, the foam treated by foam densifier will change from loose bulk foam to compact hot-melt ingots, which is not as easy to ignite as before.


As the main business of foam recyclers, considering the combination of foam recycling itself and fire prevention, foam densifier is undoubtedly an excellent machine for the attention of foam recyclers, which can not only increase the business capacity of foam recyclers but also avoid the threat of fire.