Foam Medical Coolers Get New Life with Mail Back Program

Thanks to a mail back recycling program, foam medical coolers are getting a new life. Medical coolers use #6 in the surface or the bottom as symbol to provide insulation for vaccines and medications in the process of transportation to clinics and hospitals in many countries.

JML Recycling expanded its recycling program by offering an innovative mail back option. In order to recycle medical coolers successfully, JML pays a recovery fee in advance and sticks pre-paid labels on its surface. And then these important tools for vaccines and medications will be sent to recycling facilities.

It is reported that the program receives up to 3,500 medical coolers a day and it is not very expensive as foam is lightweight. Furthermore, foam medical coolers are 98% air and non-toxic. So it can be 100% recycled.

Besides medical coolers, other foam coolers also can be recycled the same. The progress of foam coolers’ recycling is not very complex. First of all, make sure that they are clean inside and clear tape and loose parts in the surface of these coolers. It doesn’t matter that little water inside. Second, you can break down the foam, fitting more into your mail package. Third, if you’re shipping a medical cooler, tape the top and bottom together, then apply shipping labels and postage directly to the cooler. And then there are some foam denisifers which can dispose foam coolers efficiently.

With screw melting technology and advanced equipment, the foam densifier GREENMAX enables higher output density. The compression ratio is 90:1. That is to say ninety same size foam coolers will be one foam cooler. The ingots are hard and can be transported easily. They also can generate earnings by manufacturing pellets.

It is sincerely hoped that people can adopt economical and environmentally responsible methods for recycling the coolers.