Foam densifiers from GREENMAX raised much attention in America

GREENMAX participated in the United States Foam Expo exhibition at the end of February this year. Although it was the first exhibition held in the United States, the show was going very well. At the same time GREENMAX has also successfully attracted a lot of companies’ attention which are engaged in foam recycling industry. After the show, GREENMAX ’s sales team also started a trip to visit their GREENMAX ‘s guests in America.

The guests of GREENMAX in the United States are mainly the large furniture stores and home appliances companies. They will have a lot of waste foam packaging during the furniture or home appliances sales process. And these polystyrene foam wastes are recyclable materials.

The recycling of the foam materials in the United States has been very popular, and many companies have already know that there are professional foam recycling machines.

Foam densifier is an effective foam recycling machine. It can melt a large amount of foam packaging materials into a small volume of ingots. This is an important first step in the recycling process of foam materials. This is the first step that p GREENMAX can help companies achieve.

GREENMAX is a brand of INTCO recycling.And INTCO has the abilities to use the recycled foam to granulate and to make frame products.Many of the companies may choose to sell their ingots to INTCO too.

The trip starts in March, they have visited dozens of companies which may have interest in the foam recycling business. Most of them are very impressed by the GREENMAX ‘s foam recycling concept.

Foam densifier can work at a ratio of 90:1. The bulky foam packaging materials will only have a small volume after melting. This step can effectively help save storage space and transport costs. The most important things are foam recycling can not only bring benefits, but also can help protect the environment. In the coming future, the foam densifier will become more and more popular in America and many other countries.