Foam Densifier Uses Green Means to Solve the Storage and Transportation Troubles of U.S. Recyclers

Do you know the birth of plastic is only more than 100 years now? People's lives have changed dramatically because of plastic. In this century, countless industries have emerged because of plastics while countless industries have become dilapidated because of plastics. As a kind of plastic, foam is also widely used in people's daily life. Today, people feel headaches because of the white pollution caused by the extensive use of foam, GREENMAX foam densifier also came into being.

It must be admitted that in today's industrial development, the foam has an absolute advantage that cannot be replaced by the current technology. Foam is a very light substance, which can be softened by heating at a very low temperature and made into various shapes at will. Foam products are light in weight, durable, and low in price. Its emergence brings a lot of convenience to people's lives and greatly promotes the development of the industry.

In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standards, environmental protection awareness has been strengthened day by day. The sustainability of plastics has made great progress, which is largely due to scientific progress. But even if it becomes more and more environmentally friendly, the world is still polluted because many industries rely on foam to produce widely used products. While opening source, we should also do a good job in saving money. On the one hand, we should develop new sustainable plastics. On the other hand, more people pay attention to foam recycling.

The foam recycling industry in the United States has developed for many years. As a famous recycling company in North America, GREENMAX has a history of more than ten years and has invented many types of foam recycling machines like foam densifiers. Because of its small density and large volume, the foam has always had trouble in storage and transportation. But these problems may not be unsolvable now. After compression and granulation, it can be processed into all kinds of frame and strip products and sold again. This recycling process can be perfectly solved by a foam densifier with hot-melting technology.

GREENMAX foam densifier can minimize the foam volume, with a compression ratio of up to 90:1. The whole equipment has the advantages of simple operation and a small floor area, which can greatly save labor and storage costs. Moreover, the hot-melting pressing material has high quality and compactness, which is of great help for subsequent storage and transportation. It can help recyclers solve problems perfectly.

Living Space, the largest furniture manufacturer on the west coast of the United States, is a convincing success story. They cooperated with GREENMAX and used the foam densifier M-C300 to perfectly solve the recycling dilemma. GREENMAX also looks forward to working with more recyclers to promote this efficient and environmentally friendly recycling scheme.