Foam Densifier Realizes Resource Reuse and Saves Marine Ecology in the United States

The topic that cannot be avoided in international development is resources. Resource-rich countries occupy natural advantages, which can refer to the development of resource-exporting countries such as Dubai. However, in the current environment of resource shortage, resource recycling is as essential as the development of new resources. Foam is the key material worthy of recycling. With the change of policy and technology, recycling foam with foam identifier has become an effective method to increase resource utilization.

Once, the streets of the United States were filled with blue trash cans for people to recycle, but these trash cans were clearly stipulated not to accept foam#6. Later, as people realized that foam could be recycled, more and more recycling activities were held to recycle foam packaging, dinner plates, and other items. These activities spread all over various states and triggered an upsurge in foam recycling.

The development of these recycling activities undoubtedly promotes more investment in foam densifier recycling machines. In fact, the original design intention of foam densifier is inseparable from serious marine pollution. Plastic packaging producers do not have to bear environmental responsibility. The world has produced 8.6 billion tons of plastic, 70% of which are discarded. There is one ton of plastic in every three tons of fish, and the of marine plastic will one day exceed that of fish. As a kind of plastic, foam is obviously a major source of marine pollution.

Therefore, the temptation of new resources and the sense of responsibility for ecological protection make more and more enterprises begin to join the industry of foam recycling. GREENMAX Recycling, now a famous recycling company, has invested more human and material resources to develop more and better products. Now GREENMAX foam densifier has four models for recyclers to choose from to help states recycle and dispose of foam waste. With a simple operation, a foam densifier can turn foam waste into foam ingots, which can then be used for granulation to turn waste into treasure.

The recycling, regeneration, and utilization of foam is not only a simple waste treatment, but also related to environmental governance, involving the ecological environment of the whole United States and even the world, and the market potential is huge. The development of foam recycling requires our joint efforts.