Foam Densifier Makes the Prospect of Foam Recycling in the United States Brighter


Development of Collier County Foam Recycling

Recently, the Foam Recycling Coalition, Falls Church, Virginia, has awarded Collier County, Florida, with a $50,000 grant to launch a program to recycle foam through the county’s drop-off collection sites, which focus on receiving foam food trays, colored foam and white bulk packaging from local commercial businesses and residents. The Foodservice Packaging Institute (FPI) says the grant funding has encouraged Collier County to purchase a foam densifier, train its employees and begin community education and outreach for the program.


Collier County is the 15th grant recipient to receive Foam Coalition Recycling funding since 2015, which makes more than 4 million additional residents in the U.S. and Canada can recycle foam as a result of Foam Coalition Recycling grants. There is no doubt that it is an excellent program for further development of foam recycling, and foam densifier plays an important role in this program.


GREENMAX Foam Densifier Makes Foam Recycling More Efficient

When it comes to this foam recycling machine, it has to be said that GREENMAX, which is the leader in North American recycling market, is very experienced in the design and innovation of foam densifier. Up to now, GREENMAX has thousands of customers and sold hundreds of machines in more than 70 countries all over the world.


The process of foam densifier, which is not complicated and automatic, including throwing waste foam, crushing, hot-melting and squeezing out by screw. Through these steps, waste foam will become hot melt ingots, which can be sold to recyclers or purchased back by GREENMAX. So even though it takes the grant awarded by Coalition to buy a recycling machine, people can quickly make a profit from foam recycling.


Environmental Awareness and Technology Are Indispensable for Foam Recycling

You may assume why the Foam Recycling Coalition invested so much money to support the recycling business of Collier County. Natha Dempsey, president of FPI, says that the latest efforts in pursuing foam recycling will allow these valuable materials to be recovered from residents and businesses instead of being thrown away.


The fund support of the foam Recycling Coalition helps people to raise their environmental awareness, while GREENMAX provides technical support. With the combination of the two elements, the future of foam recycling will be very good.