Foam densifier makes Australian cutter to turn spending into revenue


You may have heard some shocking and often disturbing facts about global foam production, foam waste and its adverse impact on the environment. These things are worthy of attention. In recent years, from the foam industry and the government to individuals have taken some actions, we have collected some of the latest facts about the current state. For example, an Australian foam cutter purchased a foam densifier for recycling.



The cutter is unique to the foam industry, because foam is uniquely extremely malleable. By cutting, foam can become a package that perfectly fits home appliances, banana trays, fish boxes, surfboards, anything you can think of. And we know that as long as the cutting is done, waste will be generated.

Foam cutters used to spend a large amount of money to handle foam waste, including waste disposal fees for landfills and transportation costs. In the past 25 years, the technology for cost-effective recycling of plastics has been developed. More and more foam cutters have introduced the foam recycling project, and foam densifier is part of the foam recycling project.



GREENMAX is a well-known recycling machine brand, and its service aim is to provide customers with complete foam waste solutions. Foam densifier M-C200 is the highest compression ratio of foam recycling equipment produced by GREENMAX.

Foam densifier M-C200 can compress foam waste into foam ingot at a ratio of 90: 1. Adopt double configuration of rotary cutter and screw, equipped with well-known brand components such as Siemens, Phoenix, Schneider, NSK, etc., which ensures great safety, reliability and durability.



The main thing is that the foam ingot produced by the foam cutter using the foam densifier can be bought back by GREENMAX. This means that the foam cutter has a stable end customer, and the former waste material has turned into profit, which is what the merchant is willing to see.