Foam Densifier is Not So Much Promoting Foam Recycling as Protecting Human Health

At the beginning of this article, I want to ask you all a question. Have you ever used foam or other plastic products? I believe almost no one's answer will be No. In 1950, the global output of plastics was 2 million tons, then increased year by year. and now plastics have become the man-made material with the highest output. Since the birth of plastics, about 10 billion tons of various plastic products have been produced by human beings. It can be said that people's daily life is closely related to these plastic products.

But there is no perfect thing in the world. As the old saying goes, every coin has two sides, and foam is no exception. It is very convenient, but it is very difficult to recycle. About 8 million tons of plastic flow into the ocean every year, which means that every minute, a truck of plastic waste is added to the ocean. If unchecked, by 2050, plastic will weigh more than fish, and foam accounts for a large proportion of this marine garbage. Therefore, the foam densifier began to step into the vision of some people, but obviously, the popularity is not enough.

Many people don't realize how harmful foam is. The harm of these foam wastes exceeds people's imagination. The harm to the marine environment and marine organisms is the first level. Under the deeper impact, in fact, the ultimate harm will be human health. Because foam will become debris and particles in the ocean and be eaten by marine organisms. After fish are fished and eaten by humans, foam particles enter the human body and pose a health threat.

Some people may take chances and think that as long as they don't eat seafood, the foam won't harm their health. This idea is very naive. Foam pollution has spread all over the world. According to data, 93% of the world's bottled water contains plastic particles. In other words, for the sake of people's health protection and even life safety, it's high time for the recycling system of foam densifier to be widely used to promote foam recycling!

Foam densifier is a highly recognized machine in the recycling industry. Its design is aimed to alleviate white pollution and protect the ecological environment. Now, with the aggravation of foam pollution, foam densifier has even more been given the use of protecting human health.

This recycling equipment provides people with a feasible recycling scheme. By means of hot-melting, foam waste is transformed into steam ingots with a volume of only 1 / 90, and then processed into a popular new material - plastic particles. It can be said that the recycling scheme provided by the foam densifier is effective and thorough.

Whether it is our living environment or our own life, there is only one time. For both, we should devote more attention to foam recycling. It is believed that in the future, the foam densifier will help us move towards a world without white pollution.