Foam Densifier is Beneficial to the Implementation of Foam Recycling in Battle Creek

Recently, a company in Battle Creek will begin delivering new carts to residents who opted in for recycling services on March 23. Foam recycling contamination has been a problem in Battle Creek for the past year. In an effort to improve foam recycling practices, the city is allowing people to choose whether they want to recycle. There is no doubt that providing carts will arouse citizens' enthusiasm for recycling and make them more willing to participate in recycling activities.


In Michigan, the Battle Creek government has been one of the representatives of recycling advocacy. On Saturday, March 13, Battle Creek has held the first EPS foam recycling event this year. The Public Works Department collected clean and dry foam containers, egg cartons, packaging materials, and foam coolers. For the Battle Creek government, which has a strong sense of recovery, if there is a reliable recycling method, it is obvious that it will help foam recycling in the city. Foam densifier is undoubtedly qualified to receive the attention of the local government in this regard.


Generally speaking, foam recycling can be divided into three parts: collection, recycling, and utilization. Obviously, the Battle Creek government has done the first thing and has taken a lot of measures to recycle foam. And foam densifier will help the government solve the problems of recycling and utilization, so as to form a complete recycling chain. So how can this foam recycling machine help the local government recycle effectively?

Once be collected, the foam waste can be processed by the foam densifier. What is the whole process like? In fact, it's not complicated. This machine is designed according to advanced hot melting technology. Through crushing, heating, and densification, it turns foam waste into compact ingots, greatly reducing the volume. After densification, the foam of a cart will become the size of a brick.

Reading this, you may have a few questions. Foam densifier does preliminarily recycle foam waste, but how to solve the problem of terminal recycling? Will foam ingots become another form of waste? Don't worry, foam ingots are the raw materials for manufacturing plastic particles. Nowadays, when products such as frame strips made of plastic particles are popular, hot-melting ingots are really hot in the market and will be purchased by recyclers and put into the manufacturing of plastic particles.