Foam Densifier is a Key Technology to Help Furniture Manufacturers Recycle Foam

A Virginia bill classifying advanced recycling as a manufacturing process rather than solid waste management is headed to Gov. Ralph Northam after passing in the House of Delegates on Monday. The differentiation would move the process outside the responsibility of Virginia’s Solid Waste Management Act. There is no doubt that this bill has brought economic value to the recycling industry, especially foam recycling. It also makes local manufacturers with much foam, such as furniture recyclers, feel that the foam can be recycled rather than discarded.


So for the local furniture recyclers who want to recycle foam, is there any advanced technology that can keep foam away from waste logistics and get recycling? The answer is yes. GREENMAX Recycling, as an expert in the recycling industry, has designed the foam densifier which applies the hot-melt technology to foam recycling through continuous innovation and reform. A foam densifier can densify foam to form foam ingots. In addition, GREENMAX will buy back these ingots to solve the problem of terminal recycling for furniture manufacturers.


It's not just the boast of GREENMAX Recycling. In fact, its complete recycling closed loop has long been confirmed by its cooperation with a famous furniture manufacturer in the United States. Living Space, the biggest furniture manufacturer on United States West Coast, can give a convincing explanation. A quantity of expanded polystyrene occupies a lot of space. it will cost a lot either to store the waste foam packaging or transport them to be disposed of. Living Spaces bought a GREENMAX foam densifier M-C300 and totally recycled the foam.


At any time, technology is the primary productivity. The innovative technology of GREENMAX not only promotes the development of the foam recycling industry in industries like furniture but also establishes an experience industry chain based on foam densifier, which enables furniture manufacturers to further expand their business.