Foam Densifier Helps Makes Every Day Earth Day in Furniture Industry in Missouri

On April 22, the world ushered in the 52nd Earth Day, a time when we celebrate our beautiful planet and consider how to help it continue to be our healthy home in the universe. One method Ozark County contributes to that effort is by delivering trash and recyclables to the Ozark County Recycling Center on County Road 502 at Lilly Ridge. “It’s a great asset to the county,” said Ozark County Eastern District Commissioner Gary Collins. 

Unfortunately, the recycling center allows the recycling of newspapers and office paper, cardboard, glass, aluminum and tin cans, plastic milk cans, plastic soda and kettle, and other plastic materials marked with #1 and #2, but does not include foam marked with #6. It is true that the processing technology of foam is quite difficult, but affected by the covid-19, the sales volume of furniture has further soared, and if the polystyrene foam used for packaging cannot be recycled, it is waste and even pollution. Foam densifiers may help Ozark County Recycling Center promote recycling.

As we all know, furniture is generally not small in size, so the foam packaging used for protection is also very large. Many furniture manufacturers have been occupied a lot of storage space by foam packaging, trying to recycle, but they don't know what kind of recycling equipment can recycle such a large amount of foam. 

Don't worry, the foam densifier equipped with the crusher can cope perfectly. After feeding the foam packaging into the crushing system, the large foam will be cut into tiny pieces. In order to prevent incomplete comminution, GREENMAX Recycling, an industry representative, specially designed a two-stage crusher for its foam densifier. After crushing, the hot-melt system of the thermal recycling machine will compress the foam furniture package into compact hot-melt ingots to complete 100% processing.

Moreover, this is only 100% treatment, not 100% recycling. These ingots will be purchased by granulators, and become granulating materials and colorful particles. Finally, they will be made into exquisite frames and sold all over the world to complete the whole process of recycling, regeneration, and utilization of foam. With the development of a sustainable economy, foam densifiers will definitely make every day of Missouri the same as Earth Day, and let foam recycle and contribute to the earth's environmental protection.