Foam densifier helps foam manufacturers go a long way on 3R

As early as in Japan, the concept of "3R manufacturing" was proposed, namely reduce, reuse and recycle. After 30 years of hard work, 3R has made great achievements worldwide. "3R manufacturing" has become the production principle of many foam manufacturers, and the foam densifier produced by GREENMAX is loved by them.

Foam manufacturers are different from other foam-related companies, and it is difficult to make a difference in terms of reduce. But in terms of reuse and recycle, foam densifier can help foam manufacturers go a long way. Because of this, GREENMAX has started a long-term cooperation with foam manufacturers.

The maximum capacity of foam densifier M-C200 produced by GREENMAX can reach 200kg / h, which can ensure timely recovery of foam waste generated by the foam manufacturer during the production process. The rotating cutter in the upper part of foam densifier crushes the foam waste into foam first, and falls into the lower part of the machine. The lower part of the machine has a built-in hot-melt screw to heat and melt the foam dust. The melted foam flows out like water. After cooling, it forms similar Foam ingot like a solid brick.

The volume ratio of Foam ingot to foam waste is 90: 1. The storage area of foam manufacturers is reduced, and the neat stacking can make the warehouse tidy. Not only that, foam ingot, also known as recycled plastic, can become a raw material for some end products, such as photo frames, baseboards, park benches, hangers, etc. The most important thing, GREENMAX also purchases it.

Many countries have also developed 3R. GREENMAX has cooperated with foam manufacturers and foam cutters in many countries and specialized foam recyclers to make the earth better for us.