Foam Densifier Helps Foam Manufacturers Avoid Three Major Crises in Operation Process

The EPSIA once released data that the amount of foam waste produced in the United States in a year reached 155000 tons, and the recovery rate of this foam waste was not even 1 / 4. This is a great challenge for foam manufacturers because some waste will be generated in the generation process. If the recycling pattern continues to stagnate, it will have a certain adverse impact on foam manufacturers, and these negative effects may need to be resolved by foam densifier.

Before we talk about how foam densifiers can benefit foam manufacturers, let's talk about what kind of crisis will be caused by the recycling of foam? There are three main points:

1. Social impact of traditional incineration and landfill
As we all know, the traditional way of foam recovery is incineration and landfill, especially landfills in the United States. However, in fact, this recycling method does not completely recycle foam, and may even cause secondary pollution, such as polluting the sea along the river or generating waste gas. In the long run, it will harm the social reputation of foam manufacturers, because an enterprise without a sense of responsibility for environmental protection will not be trusted.

The advantages of green recycling of the foam densifier are reflected by the comparation. When using this machine for recycling, it will not produce additional pollution and is a thorough recycling means.

2. Crisis of high operating costs
Foam is a kind of material with low density, which means that the storage cost is a big problem for foam manufacturers because even if. In addition, the waste management cost of traditional recycling is also huge. This is very stressful for foam manufacturers to face so many operating costs.

This is not a problem under the recycling mode of foam densifier. On the one hand, it saves warehouse space by compressing the volume of foam (compression ratio up to 90:1). On the other hand, it can obtain economic benefits by selling recycled foam.

3. Fire hazard
Foam is a well-known flammable substance. In the factory of foam manufacturer, foam is often scattered in the factory in the form of particles and dust, which is very easy to cause fire and explosion. This is not alarmist. In fact, many foam factories have fallen into the crisis of fire. Foam densifier will densify foam by hot-melting technology to form a new material that is not easy to burn.

It is believed that in the future, the foam recycling machine will make great development for the recycling development of foam manufacturers, which is not only beneficial to foam manufacturers but also in the long run, it is also of great help to the cause of environmental protection all over the world.