Foam Densifier Has the Opportunity of Vigorous Development in the USA Under the COVID-19

Maine's Department of Environmental Protection announces it won’t enforce a statewide ban on single-use foam takeout containers until July, which makes environmentalists dissatisfied. The ban was supposed to start this month, but the DEP says the prevalence of COVID-19 has boosted demand for single-use bags and foam boxes, and supply-chain problems are making it harder to find alternatives.


Maine is not the first state in the United States to implement the foam ban, nor is it the only state to postpone the ban because of COVID-19. Maryland and New York have encountered the same problems before. In fact, under the special background of COVID-19, foam materials, which have been widely used, are in great demand. From another perspective, is recycling more in line with the current environment than the ban? It's high time that foam densifier is applied in foam recycling.


What is foam densifier? It is a kind of recycling equipment that applies scientific and efficient densification technology to foam recycling. Under normal conditions, recycling-savvy consumers may keep foam out of their recycling bins because they've heard that foam and other foam products are not recyclable. But a foam densifier can 100% totally recycle the foam with simple operation, automatic system and amazing efficiency. During the process of operation, the foam densifier will eat the foam waste, bite it into small pieces, and then turn it into hot-melting ingots, which is 1/90 volume of the original, through the hot-melting system.


Obviously, COVID-19 has a great impact on both the ban and recycling of foam. On the one hand, under the pandemic, foam disposable products become indispensable. On the other hand, the original garbage management is very expensive. On average, it costs $30 per ton to recycle trash, $50 to send it to the orchid, and $65 to $75 to increase it. In addition, the frequency of waste collection is greatly reduced under the negative influence of COVID-19.

There is no doubt that this is a good time for foam densifier to be widely used in foam recycling. It will help people strike a balance between using disposable foam products and not damaging the environment. The recycling industry will move towards a new era because of the emergence of the recycling machine with new densification technology.