Foam Densifier Fully Coped with the Surge of Foam Waste Stream During the Period of COVID-19

Many friends from the recycling industry have heard of foam densifier, which is an efficient foam recycling machine. During the period of COVID-19, it began to play a more important role than before. This is because although many industries have been negatively impacted, there are also many opportunities for development, such as electronic products, furniture, and takeout.

Electronic Product
The intensive emergency prompted the government to issue a variety of policies to prohibit the large-scale gathering of people. The suspension of live performances and entertainment places also made people's original entertainment activities gradually lose, while video games, which can be realized without going out, quickly became an alternative entertainment for more people. As is known to us, the packaging of electronic products needs foam.

A long time at home also makes people have higher and higher requirements for the quality of the living environment. This is why many industries lag behind, but the furniture industry has ushered in a new peak of development. It's totally conceivable that everyone wants to improve their quality of life at home. The packaging of furniture is also made of foam.

Take-out Food
Because of the close control of the flow of people, a large number of restaurants have to be closed, so for those who can't cook, takeout becomes the best choice during the epidemic. Food containers are mostly made of foam.

During the period of covid-19, the surge of foam, perhaps only foam densifier will become the best solution. It is believed that the harm of directly discarding foam has been well known, which will not only make it difficult to degrade naturally for a long time but also cause pollution with the waste flow into the ocean. The foam densifier is a 100% eco-friendly recycling method, densifies the low-density foam with advanced science and technology, and heat melt it into high-density ingots.

Foam densifier can handle various kinds of foam materials, including electronic product packaging, furniture packaging, and food containers mentioned above. Moreover, people are not allowed to gather during the epidemic period. It happens that the foam densifier is a very labor-saving machine. Its operation is simple, and it is equipped with a fully automated crushing and hot melting system. It does not need the staff to observe the progress all the time. This is undoubtedly a high-quality method that can be used for recycling during the period of COVID-19.