Foam Densifier Eliminates the Troubles of Retailers on Foam Packaging Recycling

Foam Has Caused Global Pollution as Daily Waste,
Polystyrene foam, commonly known as foam#6, is widely used as disposable consumer goods. Three million tons of polystyrene are produced in the United States each year, mainly for packaging and food services, such as foam cups, cartons, and other containers. For retailers, it is a daily necessary packaging material with low price and excellent characteristics.

But at the same time, the foam has also caused global pollution in a wide range of applications. This is because, in the United States, foam treatment is generally landfill, but the recycling rate is less than 1 / 4. If you see the garbage washed to the shore at the seaside, you will find that foam waste is a part of it. Today, foam densifiers may be the Savior of retailers.

Operating Cost is the Worry that Retailers Cannot Ignore
Do you know what California spends on landfills? Maybe the answer is more than you think, up to about $25 million. Obviously, for retailers, waste management costs are not a small amount.

Many retailers can still landfill foam packaging waste for a fee. But in fact, they missed an important opportunity. Foam waste seems to be difficult to degrade, but in fact, it is recyclable. If it is treated by a foam densifier, it has a high recycling value. If a new foam recycling project is started, retailers will obtain huge profits and environmental value.

How to Eliminate the Trouble of High-cost Recycling of Retailers
A more scientific recycling method than landfills is machine recycling. INTCO Recycling and its brand GREENMAX provide different models of foam densifier, which is specially used to reduce the volume of light foam waste into compact ingots, and compress its volume to 1 / 90 of the original by extruding the air in foam waste.

In addition to developing GREENMAX foam densifier for foam recycling, INTCO Recycling is also one of the largest manufacturers of PS frames and decorative moldings. It repurchases compressed ingots and regenerates them around the world. Therefore, as long as retailers can not only save the cost of waste management but also make profits by selling foot ingots.

GREENMAX is committed to creating a complete polystyrene recycling chain based on foam densifiers and providing recycling and reuse solutions.