Foam Compactor with Zero Pollution Makes Foam Appliance Packaging Reusable in New Jersey

The Union County Board of County Commissioners recently reported to residents that nine cities in New Jersey will jointly hold the recycling activity of foam#6, which is also known as polystyrene foam. These drop-off places are free, only for residents of various cities, not for enterprises, the focus of the foam recycling object includes the electrical packaging. With the awakening of people's awareness of environmental protection, these activities will be held more and more. And foam compactor will be the best assistant for these recycling activities.

Before we understand the role of foam compactor, what we need to know is what is the significance of recycling activities? This is not a play played by various cities in order to obtain the reputation of protecting the ecology, but a contribution made by the government and the association to the recycling of foam materials represented by furniture packaging. So what we need to do is to maximize the significance of these recycling activities with the right means, like the foam compactor.

When it comes to foam recycling, we should learn what are the difficulties of foam recycling? The traditional recycling methods of foam are landfill and incineration, but these methods can not completely and thoroughly recycle foam because it cannot be degraded in the natural environment. Maybe someone just wanted to recycle foam, but he didn't expect it would cause more serious pollution to the ocean and soil. The foam compactor is different from the traditional recycling method, which advocates zero-pollution of foam recycling.

Zero Emission
This foam recycling machine uses cold pressing technology and uses the screw to compress and compact the foam, which is a physical method. There will not be any material changes of foam in the process, which means that there will not be any secondary pollution gas in the middle.

After the treatment of the foam compactor, cold-pressed blocks are produced, which are also the compacted foam. Some people may have such doubts. Will this lead to the transformation from one kind of a waste to another? The answer is No. foam blocks are the raw materials that granulators rush to buy, which means that the recycling of screw compactors makes the recycling of foam a 100% complete recycling method.

It is believed that there will be more and more recycling activities in the future, which will awaken more people's awareness of recycling. As the representative of foam packaging materials, home appliance packaging will also cause a boom of foam recycling in the whole industry.