Foam Compactor Relying on the Advanced Recycling Concept Overcomes the Traditional Landfilling

The transformation of people's ideas from traditional to advanced needs a long process, and foam recycling is no exception. With the progress of the times, people are also aware of their inseparable relationship with the earth. Ignoring environmental protection will eventually lead to revenge on the earth. Therefore, foam recycling is also developing continuously. Generally speaking, there are two traditional methods of foam recovery: incineration and landfill. In the United States, it is mainly landfilling.

Although landfill is indeed a more reasonable means of foam treatment than incineration in a sense - it does not produce waste gas and the risk factor is relatively low, it is still not a satisfactory recovery scheme. Foam is not a material that we want to see in landfills because it never breaks down. It doesn’t bio-grade and won't turn into a harmless compound. but it can leak chemicals into the groundwater and can surround the soil. At the same time, the new technology led by foam compactor should come into people's vision.

It can be predicted responsibly, the treatment method of foam compactor has the potential to replace the traditional landfill, before the emergence of an alternative to foam with the same low price and high-quality effect as foam. Foam compactor processes foam in a different way from landfill. Its design purpose is not to eliminate foam, but to regenerate foam for reuse - cold pressing technology can turn foam into compact blocks and be used for granulation, and finally, become frame products to complete the closed-loop recycling.

In addition, the recycling effect of the foam compactor is outstanding, it is 100% pollution-free in the recovery process. First of all, the cold pressing technology of foam compactor does not require any heating steps, so that it will not produce any harmful gas to cause secondary pollution to the air. Secondly, it makes the process of recovery, regeneration, and utilization of foam avoid the soil pollution caused by the traditional landfill.

As the equipment is in line with the current progressive recycling concept, foam compactor turns waste into treasure rather than making waste disappear, which gives us a new recycling idea and is worthy of wide promotion.