Fault analysis and maintenance of GREENMAX polystyrene compactor


The polystyrene compactor is an environmentally-friendly mechanical device that uses a spiral extrusion to crush and compress the loose foam into a block. It is possible to compress the foam volume and increase the density at a compression ratio of 30:1 or 50:1. It is conducive to the recycling of foam waste, and can also generate profits for many terminal enterprises.


At present, many enterprises have adopted professional foam recycling machines, then, how to maintain and troubleshoot the machine in the using process? There are many kinds of recycling machines in the market, taking GREENMAX polystyrene compactor as an example, we list the following possible faults and maintenance methods.


Fault 1: There is a big noise at the fastener of the reducer.

Cause: The fasteners are loose.

Action: Tighten the bolt/nut to the specified torque or replace the damaged bolt/nut.


Fault 2: The temperature of the fuel tank rises

Cause 1: The oil level in the tank is too high or too low.

Action: Check the height of the oil level at room temperature and refuel as needed.

Cause 2: The oil is too old.

Action: Check the time of the last oil change.

Cause 3: Mechanical failure of the oil pump

Action: Check that the oil pump is working properly, repair or replace the oil pump.

Cause 4: Bearing damage

Action: Check the data obtained by the operator in the vibration measurement. Check and replace the bearings as needed.


Fault 3: Reducer oil leakage

Reason 1: Poor sealing of the box cover or joint

Action: Check the seals and connections and replace if necessary. Seal the joints.

Cause 2: Radial shaft seal failure

Action: Replace the radial seal ring.


Fault 4: The motor is abnormally hot

Cause 1: Overload operation

Action: Reduce load

Cause 2: The voltage is too high or too low.

Action: Check if the power supply voltage is normal.


Fault 5: The finished products are melted

Cause 1: The pressure plate is too low.

Action: lower the oil pump and relax the pressure plate.

Cause 2: Excessive material impurities.

Action: Separate the debris.

Cause 3: The screw head and the wall of the tube are rubbed.

Action: Grinding the spiral blade, the thrust bearing is damaged, and replace the thrust bearing.


What we list above is the analysis and solution of the problems related to the faults of our polystyrene compactor. Any questions about your foam compactor, welcome to consult GREENMAX, the polystyrene recycling specialist.