European waste management company buy foam densifier machine to ease government pressure


In recent years, glaciers have melted and temperatures have risen… Serious environmental problems have led governments to introduce corresponding environmental policies. The EU decided to enact the most severe foam ban in history in 2021.


This is not the first time the EU has introduced an environmental protection policy. The previous policy of restricting one-time foam products has been effective. According to 2016 statistics, from 2005 to 2016, the average per capita urban waste in the EU fell by 7%.


Among them, European waste management companies are most affected by environmental protection policies. At the K show in Germany this year, the government's pressure made most waste management companies start to investigate the foam recycling project.


As an exhibitor company, GREENMAX has exhibited a foam densifier that has been developed for more than 10 years, and its complete foam recovery program has attracted extensive attention.


GREENMAX foam densifier M-C100 uses a hot-melt screw technology that compresses the air content of foam waste by high-temperature melting to reduce the volume of foam waste, often reaching a ratio of 90:1. The foam ingot produced by the Recycling machine can effectively improve storage and transportation efficiency and reduce recycling costs.


GREENMAX foam recycling project is unique in its entirety. The foam ingots recovered by the waste management company have been promised by GREENMAX to produce beautiful photo frames. Not only is it helping customers complete the recycling, GREENMAX can also help in the profit recycling.


In fact, foam recycling is increasingly becoming the mainstream of dealing with foam waste. This is also an inevitable result of serious pollution of the environment.