EPS Waste Recycling In The United States

EPS foam is a thermoplastic material, per cubic meter volume contains 300-600 million independent airtight bubbles, the volume of air contains 98% or more. Due to air thermal conductivity is very small, and is closed in the foam, the air can not be convection, so EPS is a very good material with thermal insulation properties.

All along, EPS is considered much more complex than other waste from the recycling process to secondary use process, but does not affect the United States of EPS waste recycling and orderly work started.

The United States is the world's largest consumer of EPS, by independent statistics of 41 EPS manufacturers and recyclers aspects show:

In 2013, the United States recycled over 127,300,000 lbs EPS material

72.8 million lbs (57%) of post-consumer EPS, from family wastes such as cups, plates, food packaging, etc.
54.5 million lbs (42%) of industrial EPS, from the construction industry and manufacturing industry

The high recycling rates will not only help EPS stands out in all plastics, and can also make it same level with municipal solid waste recovery rate 34.5%.

According to the latest report of Freedonia Group, the demand for foam will rise at 4.1% of annual growth rate, to 2017, to 86 billion pounds, and worth up to $ 24.7 billion. In 2017, packaging will remain the main export plastic foam, accounted a third of total demand.

Housing New Project increased, rising consumer spending will promote the application of foam in household industry, such as bedding, furniture and appliances. In the automotive market, increasing production and improvement of vehicle safety and comfort requirements will also promote foam needs.

With its excellent protection, thermal insulation, moisture resistance and low cost, EPS accounted for 2/5 of the total demand of foam, since 2017 the market share is still large. However, the terms of overall packaging, solid waste disposal problems caused by disposable foam products, foam demand is limited, the paper material of the competition will bring certain impact.

EPS foam packaging industry has great prospects, it can be made into many products transport packaging, they are featured by light weight, seismic, moisture, corrosion resistance, etc. welcomed by the majority of customers.