EPS waste launches the program of polystyrene recycling

People gradually become to know the importance and necessity of protecting the environment during the recent years. Recently, people took a step which will help conserve the capacity of landfills, reduce transportation costs and provide the product that will be used in many types of manufacturing.
Some recycling companies launched the polystyrene or EPS foam curbside recycling program. People in the communities and schools are taught to recycle the waste plastic according to the different categories.
Besides, people can help collect the waste polystyrene. Relevant officer said the project has been preparing for about two years.

More and more people are reaping benefit from curbside collection of waste foam or expanded polystyrene. 
Forklift hoists a cage which is full of recyclable foam polystyrene and dumps it onto a conveyor. The conveyor feeds the Styrofoam into a densifier, which compacts the material into rectangular blocks. The blocks of condensed polystyrene are then stacked on pallets and wrapped for shipping. This will help conserve landfill capacity since the waste foam aren’t compressed well in the landfills.
The recycled polystyrene can be used to manufacture a wide array of items such as window frames, flowerpots, CD cases and so on. There is actually a big demand for the renewable polystyrene products.
Different types of polystyrene containers and packaging end up in homes which are valuable resource as recycled content in new products, and these materials can be recycled and put back in the marketplace.


 Many recycling organizations and companies offer help. Recycling actions are usually taken by the organizations and the ordinary people. Polystyrene products can be used to wrap the package, decorate the cars and pack the electronic appliances. Styrofoam can be used to make disposable coffee cups and food containers.
Greenmax focuses on producing foam melting machines, along with the recycling service of waste plastic such as EPS and polystyrene. Greenmax has its own production line and able to produce particles. The company offers recycling methods for several types of materials and hopes to cooperate with other companies or organizations which have the needs of recycling.