EPS screw compactor from GREENMAX can realize your Styrofoam recycling dream

Nowadays, the Styrofoam (also known as EPS) recycling industries become more and more popular. And the recycled Styrofoam materials are raw materials for granulating pellets which can be used to make other plastic products. These recycled materials have large demands from many countries. The price of the recycled Styrofoam materials is very high, so more and more people want to participate in the Styrofoam recycling business.

Companies from home appliance, food service, fish processing, electronic and building construction industries may have large quantities of foam packaging materials to dispose. Many of them were sent to landfill, and few of them were recycled by the companies.

Due to the development of the Styrofoam recycling industries, the PS pellets market is increasing too. The PS pellets can be applied in many industries such as XPS insulation board manufacturing industry. So if you want to join the Styrofoam recycling business. The first step you need to take is getting a professional Styrofoam recycling machine.


Styrofoam materials are with large volume, so they are difficult to manage. And the storage and transporting fee are also a big deal. A professional machine which can reduce the volume and not change the quality of the Styrofoam is needed.

GREENMAX from INTCO recycling has a kind of EPS screw compactor which can help screw the Styrofoam materials into pieces, and then compress the Styrofoam pieces into blocks. The blocks are 50 times smaller than the loose Styrofoam materials. It means that the compactor can work at a ratio of 50:1. And if companies have special require, GREENMAX can also customize the machine.


INTCO recycling also have granulation business which is its main business. It is always looking to purchase back the recycled Styrofoam blocks to granulate and to make frame products. So if you also want to realize your Styrofoam recycling dream, INTCO may be a good helper for you.