EPS recycling industry adds value by constantly improving technology


With the advancement of society, the market demand for foam recycling equipment is increasing. At present, the foam machinery industry increases the added value by continuously improving technology.


GREENMAX EPS compactor, developed by INTCO recycling, is an environmentally friendly foam waste disposal machinery that uses a specific screw drive pressure to squeeze foam and compresses waste EPS, XPS foam and other raw materials. Compared with foam compression equipment, GREENMAX EPS compactor has no heating, no smoke, no dust and other advantages.


The GREENMAX EPS compactor is a mechanical environmental protection equipment that pulverizes the foam according to the pressure principle of spiral rotation and performs cold compression and compaction treatment. During the working process, the operator only needs to put the waste foam into the hopper, and the foam is broken by the crusher, and the square foam plastic squeezing block is formed by the spiral tissue treatment.


Due to the large volume, light weight and inconvenient transportation of EPS foam, many customers need to reduce the volume of waste foam and increase the density, which is beneficial to the whole recycling process. GREENMAX EPS compactor is widely used in the United States, Europe and other countries and regions, because the foam recycling rate in these countries is relatively high, a large number of foam waste export needs high transportation costs. GREENMAX helps them solve this problem and make profits from EPS recycling.


Therefore, for the recycling of EPS waste, GREENMAX has developed the EPS foam compactor, which can safely and efficiently realize the compression of foam plastics, with the pressure density up to 50-90 times, it greatly saves the storage and transportation costs. In addition, the high quality compressed foam blocks can also be sold at higher price. As a professional manufacturer of EPS recycling machines, GREENMAX is your first choice.