EPS Foam Densifier Enables Furniture Manufacturers to Realize Zero Foam Disposal Cost

Just in the past year of 2020, COVID-19 has brought huge negative effects to the economy of most industries. As for the furniture industry, it ushered in the development opportunity. In the United States, especially for custom-made wardrobes, there is a surge in demand. It may be different from what you imagine, but it's true. And with the restrictions on travel, more people choose door-to-door delivery, which makes the demand for EPS foam, the packaging material commonly used in furniture, surge, even much more than before.


According to the Environmental Protection Agency, EPS foam is only 0.01 percent of our solid household trash, but the volume of EPS foam going to landfills causes it to fill landfills with a product that lasts for centuries. In fact, with the development of science and technology, many cities have begun to pursue better means than landfills to deal with EPS foam.

For instance, Sussex country has established a recycling service schedule, residents can send unwanted EPS foam (packaging only) to the local recycling center for crushing every Monday to Saturday. Of course, the biggest disadvantage is the bulk charge for this smashing service, which is at least $6. Now there is a method for furniture manufacturers to completely bypass this method and recycle EPS foam by themselves, that is, the recycling machine called EPS foam densifier, which has gradually come into the view of people.


For every enterprise, profit must be the basis of survival. Many people think that the enterprise is not willing to make some contribution to environmental protection, but they do not consider the situation of the enterprise itself. Now EPS foam densifier has found a balance between environmental protection and profit. On the one hand, EPS foam densifier can densify those bulky furniture packages by hot-melting technology with a compression ratio of 90:1. On the other hand, hot-melting ingots densified by EPS foam densifier can be sold to recyclers to make plastic particles.


As furniture business owners must be joyful about this win-win situation. Instead of spending money to transport EPS foam waste to the recycling center, it is better to buy EPS foam densifier for recycling, which not only saves the transportation and crushing costs but also can get additional profits. The development of the furniture industry during the period of COVID-19 has still not stopped, Don't hesitate and join the recycling army!