EPS Foam Densifier – a Machine Seriously Satisfy the Demand of EPS Foam Recycling

In recent years, the awareness of people to recycle EPS foam has been increasing. According to the latest EPS foam recycling report of the United States, more than 136 million pounds of EPS foam recycled in 2019. But there are also data to show approximately 25 billion EPS foam coffee cups are thrown away in America, which indicates that we still have a long way to go for foam recycling. Currently, the Foam Recycling Coalition has awarded Collier County, Florida, with a $50,000 grant for its EPS foam recycling project and says the grant funding has allowed Collier County to purchase and install an EPS foam densifier.

Why can EPS foam densifier get the depend of the Foam Recycling Coalition and be applied for the recycling project of Collier County? Actually, EPS foam densifier is a kind of recycling machine that can effectively achieve EPS foam recycling based on hot-melting technology. The process of EPS foam recycling with EPS foam densifier can be divided into several parts, but the only step that needs manual operation is to throw EPS foam into hopper. The remaining steps, including crushing, hot melting and extrusion, are automatically completed by the machine, which greatly saves labor costs.

Foam densifier is a reliable recycling machine due to It has incomparable advantages. First of all, it can reduce the capacity of EPS foam to 2% of the original, which greatly saves the storage space in the city. Secondly, the hot-melt ingots produced can be sold to recyclers, which makes the cost of purchasing machines can be quickly recovered. Last but not least, it makes the EPS foam newborn, which original has been thrown and hard to degrade for hundreds of years.

After being disposed of, the EPS foam will become particles and be made into picture frames, canvas paintings and other products, which are sold all over the world. This makes the EPS foam recycling full of significance.