EPS Foam Compactor - an Excellent Compress Equipment to Dispose of Fish Boxes


EPS Foam Compactor is the Gospel of Fishmongers


As a member of the fishmongers, are you rejoice because you get a lot of profits from this industry while having a headache of a large number of EPS foam fish boxes to be processed? As a representative of fishmongers, BluGlacier is faced with such a contradictory situation.


Found in 2016, BluGlacier is a professional seafood company especially salmon. With factories in Florida and Chile, they are running a big fishing company, which is suffering from high cost of waste management of EPS foam fish boxes. In 2018, they met GREENMAX in Boston Seafood Show and learned the recycling solution how to recycle their waste EPS foam fish boxes with GREENMAX EPS foam compactor.


Efficient Treatment of Fish Boxes with the Compress Equipment


GREENMAX EPS foam compactor uses advanced cold-compressing technology to process EPS foam. Once the fish box is thrown into hopper, the chopper starts cutting, and then it is compressed and extruded with screw to form EPS foam blocks, which is reduced up to 2% of original volume and can be sold to achieve profits. In addition, due to the process of compress does not need heating, so it will not produce harmful gases and cause secondary pollution.


Taking the above-mentioned into consideration, there is no doubt that EPS foam compactor is an environment-friendly equipment.


GREENMAX Provide a Complete Recycling Project


For fishmongers, interests are always the most important. GREENMAX provides a 100% total solution, which is from the recycling equipment, to the end of material purchase-back, will maximize their interests as much as possible. Once have a compress equipment, fishmongers can not only save a lot of processing costs of EPS foam fish boxes, which they only knew to landfill before, but also make extra profits by selling EPS foam blocks obtained after processing fish boxes.