EPS densifier is a machine that can reduce the foam volume by melting

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is an excellent packaging material which made of 98% air. It is often referred as packing foam. EPS is widely used in product packaging and construction because it is lightweight, strong and has good insulating properties. It can reduce the cost of transporting goods to consumers, which in turn reduces greenhouse gas emissions associated with goods transport.

However, thousands of tons of waste EPS are sent to landfill every year. Large, bulky pieces of EPS can take up significant space in a waste skip so that many companies and householders need to pay more waste-removal costs.

EPS is very lightweight compared to its volume, making the transport costs unfavorable. Many businesses are faced with the growing problem EPS packaging disposal, especially in large volumes.

If your business has used EPS packaging that could be recycled, the first consideration is finding the right recyclers. However, nowadays, there aren’t many recyclers can supply the EPS recycling service for free. Many of them may charge you money, and this is really an unnecessary costs for many people.


So the most environmental and economic way to dispose the bulky foam is to reduce the foam volume. An EPS densifier can do this job very well. GREENMAX from INTCO recycling has the kind of densifier which can work at a ratio of 90:1.

The densifier can smash the EPS foam into pieces and then the melting system will melt the pieces into high-density ingots. The melted ingots will be 90 times smaller than the loose foam materials.


Moreover, the EPS densifier only need a low energy assumption. And due to the high-density ingots, you can save much storage space and transportation costs. And only a few tons a moth can cover your costs. With the densifier, you can totally dispose the EPS foam by yourself instead of spending money asking others for help.