EPS Densifier Helps EPS Manufacturers Willing to Take Environmental Responsibility

The United States produces at least 155000 tons of EPS waste every year, but the recovery rate is not even half. For EPS manufacturers, although they account for a large proportion of waste sources, including EPS defective products and leftover materials, recycling is indeed a difficult task for them, even a headache. Because before the emergence of EPS densifier, landfilling was a feasible method for them, which was barely satisfactory, but obviously landfilling was not a perfect method.

Take California as an example, hundreds of thousands of tons of EPS waste are buried in this city, with an estimated cost of tens of millions of dollars. The cost of cleaning up this material by EPS manufacturers is estimated to be more than $1 per pound of waste. In addition, landfill is an incomplete recycling method for EPS waste, which may become the main source of waterway waste, and even further threaten human health.

Now, with recycling machines such as the EPS densifier entering the sight of manufacturers, it provides them with a new win-win recycling means - collecting EPS and using it for recycling, which helps to save money and benefit the environment.

Why can EPS densifier create a win-win situation? That's because it connects the two processes of recycling EPS waste and selling recycled materials. Firstly, EPS waste is crushed, heated, and melted by using its own advanced technology to compact it into hot melting ingots with a volume of only 1 / 90 of the original volume. The biggest difference between EPS densifier and landfilling is that it does not want to eliminate EPS waste, but to make it a hot new resource - the raw material of plastic particles.

This means that the EPS densifier can not only contribute to the urban environment but also enable EPS manufacturers to earn costs and achieve a win-win situation. For EPS manufacturers, they rely on EPS for survival, but if they are unwilling to bear environmental responsibility or stick to a way to landfilling, one day, because of their stubbornness, EPS will become a material that can only cause pollution in people's minds, or even be banned. Nowadays, the recycling solution of EPS densifier can enable manufacturers to win the good reputation of green enterprises and obtain additional profits. Why not?