EPS Densifier Help Promotes Circular Economy with the Growth of EPS Building Waste

According to the latest report, thanks to the growth of demand for expanded polystyrene (EPS) products from construction, the global EPS market is expected to reach $24.97 billion by 2025. There are two reasons for the increasing demand for EPS in the construction industry. The first is the growing popularity of high-temperature-resistant materials. Apart from this, In the extreme external environment, the increase of expenditure to improve the life of residential and commercial complexes is also an important reason.


As we all know, EPS is a kind of plastic, is the culprit of white pollution. I believe that forward-looking construction companies have predicted the opportunity hidden behind EPS pollution and demand growth, that is, the recycling economy brought by EPS regeneration. And EPS densifier will be the key to start circular economy.


It is inevitable that building materials need to be replaced, and in the face of those abandoned building materials, EPS densifiers will become excellent treatment equipment for construction companies. This EPS recycling equipment applies the heating and melting process to the compression of EPS and turns EPS into compact hot-melting ingots with the highest compression ratio of 1:90. And this kind of treatment will become the key step of connecting the circular economy.


The reason for that is because although the waste building materials are useless, the dense EPS ingots are popular raw materials for making plastic particles on the market. It can be seen that EPS densifier not only helps construction companies establish a good reputation, and become green businesses, but also helps them turn waste materials into treasure, and gain profits by selling the EPS ingots.

For construction companies, with the continuous development of the green and sustainable economy, recycling must be the right direction of development, and EPS densifier will become the biggest helper of construction companies in the development of the recycling business.