EPS compactor is the reason why home appliance manufacturers improve service level


More and more home appliance manufacturers provide on-site installation services. After installation, EPS packaging waste will also be taken away. This move brings customers a good experience service, but in addition, you know why the workers take away EPS packaging waste? The answer is because of an EPS compactor.



EPS compactor A-C100, also known as EPS screw compactor, developed and manufactured by California GREENMA. It mainly uses crushing and hydraulic technology to densify EPS waste. EPS compactor has built-in cutter, cold-pressed screw, hydraulic plates and other components, which are supplied by high-end manufacturers such as Siemens and Phoenix. The whole machine runs semi-automatically, the operation is simple, and only need a few workers can operate.

The EPS compactor model has been unanimously praised by home appliance manufacturers. The rotating cutter can effectively crush different shapes of EPS packaging waste into foam, and then be pushed to the hydraulic plate by the cold-pressing screw, and finally produce a high-density and hard-texture EPS block. Compared with EPS packaging waste, EPS block can save a lot of storage space and improve transportation efficiency. It should be known that reducing the cost of warehousing and transportation can reduce the recycling cost of the entire EPS recycling.



Of course, the EPS block produced by EPS compactor is not only for storage and transportation, it can be sold as a commodity. The compressed EPS is converted into rigid plastic, which is needed of photo frames, stationery, hangers, etc., and can be sold to these manufacturers or GREENMAX to make profits. Yes, GREENMAX not only sells EPS compactors, but also buys back EPS blocks.



At present, home appliance manufacturers in many countries and regions have launched EPS recycling cooperation with GREENMAX. Their purpose of buying EPS compactor is different. Some are due to the requirements of local environmental policies, and some are just looking for more economical EPS packaging waste treatment methods...Regardless of the purpose, EPS compactor did not disappoint home appliance manufacturers.