Environmentally friendly companies are making changes with the help of GREENMAX


Increased polystyrene pollution raises people’s vigilance against polystyrene, began to reduce the use of polystyrene, and the use of polystyrene substitutes, which seems to be a good way to reduce polystyrene pollution, but in fact, the results are not good. Because the enterprise is a large number of users of EPE.


Of course, before we can find a better substitute material, we can't expect companies to give up profits and no longer use polystyrene packaging, like EPE. But if companies are willing to convert the disposal of discarded EPE packaging, it will also greatly reduce the pressure on the environment.


Fortunately, today's companies are gradually raising their awareness of environmental protection and are willing to pay for the circular economy. An American entertainment equipment manufacturer is also making changes. They have a large amount of EPE packaging wastes each year, which was previously transported to landfills and paid a large amount of landfill fees.


This time, they chose to work with GREENMAX to purchase a professional EPE densifier machine to compress EPE into ingots at a high ratio. This recycled EPE ingot is not only convenient for storage, but also easy to transport.


The most attractive point for companies is that recycled EPE ingots can be sold without even having to spend time looking for sellers. GREENMAX promises to buy back recycled EPE ingots.


Entertainment equipment manufacturers have changed the way they handle waste EPE packaging while reducing pressure on the environment and acquiring a new economic model.