Efficient plastic products recycling with the application of densifiers

During the recent years, many cities around the world are starting to recycle polystyrene which is commonly known as Styrofoam. People are becoming aware of the importance of the environmental protection. Since we all live in the earth and if the environment is damaged, the living conditions of ourselves and other creatures will also be damaged. Some people are taking actions on their own, some organizations have received fund from government or local foam recycling coalition.
In the contemporary society, people are relying on the benefit and conveniences that plastic products bring. However, while these products save people many time to do other things, people usually throw them away after use. In this condition, the problem of white pollution is getting more serious. And unfortunately, plastic products can’t degrade by themselves when they are deeply buried under the ground. The progress of degrading will cost hundreds even thousands of years, especially for polystyrene products.

So many cosmopolitans have banned the use of plastic bags and polystyrene food containers or foam coffee cups. Some of these cities have developed a strong proposal demonstrating the city's ability and willingness to capture foam polystyrene. President of the Food Service Packaging Institute, said that they are pleased to support the expansion of a recycling program which serves the residents.
Such kinds of recycling programs will certainly cover the cost of polystyrene densifiers, which can compact the foam into bricks. Then these compacted foam bricks will be shipped to other markets and made into new products.
Densifiers can process polystyrene or EPS materials of foam food containers such as meat trays, cups, egg cartons and take-out food containers.

Greenmax is a company which focuses on producing recycling machines including densifiers. The company has its own production line and is able to produce particles. Greenmax offers recycling services for several types of materials, including expanded polystyrene (EPS), extruded polystyrene (XPS), expanded polypropylene (EPP) and polystyrene paper (also known as PSP). Greenmax is a good choice not only because it is professional in producing recycling machines but also it is good at exporting.