Does the EPS concrete industry need EPS beads all year round?

Polystyrene beads as a very light but strong building component EPS concrete, or expanded polystyrene concrete has highly insulating properties and can create a stone-like surface for creative projects. Garden statues, curved projects, panels of energy-efficient homes or unusual items such as concrete counter tops can be created using EPS concrete.

So the concrete industry needs EPS beads, and EPS beads play an important role in this industry.
But does the construction industry need concrete all year round? The answer is negative.
In fact, in many countries such as Germany have strong construction industry. However, when it comes to winter, the EPS concrete industry may be influenced by the bad snowy and rainy season. In winter, due to these snowy and rainy days, there will be much moisture than usual. But EPS concrete with moisture cannot be used in the construction process because it will affect the quality of the buildings.

As a result, many companies will not buy EPS beads in winter temporarily. And the EPS beads which used in the concrete industry will generally be popular in March to September.

Which for some of the EPS recyclers, there will be much EPS foam materials may be unable to deal with for several months. At that time, for them there should be another way to recover the loss of the few months. This way may be recycling. Although the concrete industry is very popular, it also has such a drawback.

So what kind of recycling can the recyclers be able to supply EPS foam all year round?

EPS foam can not only be made into EPS beads, but can also be compressed into blocks or be melted into ingots.


This is a recyclable way of recycling that requires a EPS compactor or EPS melter, and then the recycled EPS materials can be sold to some other recyclers who recycle this kind of materials. Such as INTCO recycling company. Because these recycled EPS materials will be used to make pellets, and then the pellets can be made into frame products or other products. It is a really recyclable industry.

GreenMax from INTCO has different compactors and melters. They are committed to EPS recycling business for many years. They have professional team which can supply recycling solutions.
I believe that if recycling companies can understand the above information, some of whom used to crush the EPS foam into beads may realize that they do not need to stop the recycling process for several months.