Don’t let online shopping become a disaster to the environment

In recent years, with the rapid development of technology, online shopping has become the first choice of shopping in everyday life, whether young or old.

The popularity of online shopping also has a great impact on the environment. According to statistics, China's express business volume reached 40 billion pieces last year, while the recycling rate of packaging garbage is less than 20%, which is enormous pressure on the environment.


The express package is usually made of carton, plastic bag and polystyrene foam. In order to prevent collision damage in the course of transportation, the crashing materials such as foam plastics are usually added, and very small packages may be wrapped up in many packaging materials. Only a few cardboard packaging materials are recycled, but other plastic bags, foam, and adhesive tape are all treated as domestic waste.


For the express industry, the cost of recycling package material is large, and it is basically the use of new materials. Many people don't want to recycle because packaging is too troublesome.


Packing garbage has become a problem that nobody cares about. However, with the rapid development of the express industry, more and more packages are made, and the package rubbish of express package is increasing. How to deal with these wastes has become a problem that people have to face.


GREENMAX recycling has always been dedicated to recycling which have EPS recycling machines that can help you deal with different kinds of waste.


As for the polystyrene foam, GREEMAX polystyrene compactor can turn the waste material into useful material by crushing and compacting of the machine with a compression ratio of 50:1, which means if you put 50m³ polystyrene foam waste into the hopper, the machine will crush the foam into pieces and then compress the pieces into EPS blocks which are 50 times smaller than before.


After being recycling, the waste material becomes valuable resources to create more economic benefits. For example, the EPS blocks can be processed into picture frames to decorate our home. So when you are shopping, don’t let online shopping become a disaster to the environment. If interested, you are welcome to join us.