Different types of machines make polystyrene recycling faster and easier

People are becoming to know the importance and necessity of protecting the environment due to the harm of polystyrene products during the recent years. Ban on the use of disposable polystyrene food service containers moved closer to reality nowadays, many countries approved proposals on the restrictions of the use and sale of the foam containers.
Foam mainly refers to EPS (expanded polystyrene, commonly known as Styrofoam) has become a significant source of waste for many manufacturers and distributors, but it is recyclable.


Nearly thousands of Styrofoam lunch trays are melted down after they are used in the past, and these melted trays can be processed into a variety of renewable products. The new technology can make contaminated foam melted down and it can be reused into anything from a CD case to a picture frame within five hours. 
Nowadays, people are trying to find more effective solutions to solve the problem of environment pollution. Many companies offer recycling machines and services. The machines can process different types of waste plastic products. Some of the companies around the world have set up some recycling service shops in the communities or near the bay.
The recycling companies accept polystyrene or foam drops which are collected at its warehouse facility. Besides, these companies also provide recycling equipment rental which is ideal for people that do not have foam waste recycling machines. This measure increases the efficiency of recycling to some extent.
Foam compactors press and compact the foam into logs, the thermal densifiers melt the foam and the shredders reduce the foam into strips or into foam beads. The grinders and shredders will shred the foam into small beads or small strips, will melt it or will compact it into logs taking up only 2 percent to 5 percent of the original space and about 1:30 of its original volume. The machines are very efficient and the price is usually very reasonable.


INTCO is a company which focuses on producing recycling machines including compactors and densifiers. The company has its own production line and is able to produce particles. The machines can process several types of materials, including expanded polystyrene (EPS), extruded polystyrene (XPS), expanded polypropylene (EPP) and polystyrene paper (also known as PSP). INTCO is very professional in dealing with such kinds of waste.