Cooperate with GREENMAX for EPS recycling solution to achieve green packaging


Many consumer goods companies clearly do not understand the science behind the packaging product materials they choose for sustainability initiatives. These companies have a wrong understanding of "green packaging". In fact, no matter how much a company wants to be a "green" company, they can't get rid of the benefits of EPS packaging. The focus of "green packaging" is whether there is an EPS recycling solution.



The consumer-oriented market allows companies to pay close attention to consumer preferences. In recent years, environmental protection has become a hot topic. Whether a product is environmentally friendly has become a factor for consumers to purchase. Taking home appliance makers as an example, first of all, starting from the product itself, energy saving and emission reduction have become the necessary advantages of the product. The second is outer packaging, introducing EPS recycling solution for "green packaging".

An experienced home appliance chamber of commerce and GREENMAX cooperation on EPS recycling solution. GREENMAX recommends the model of the EPS compactor, such as an A-C200, based on the amount of EPS waste from the home appliance maker. EPS compactor has a built-in cutter and cold-press screw, which compresses EPS packaging waste at a ratio of 50: 1 to produce an EPS block.



EPS block is convenient for home appliance manufacturers to stack and sort, but this is not the whole of EPS recycling solution. GREENMAX is a well-known manufacturer of recycling machines and an EPS waste buyer. GREENMAX promised to the home appliance business that it would repurchase the EPS block, produce to make exquisite photo frames.



EPS waste does not enter the environment, and realizes real resource regeneration and recycling, which is the meaning of "green packaging". It is not only home appliance companies that cooperate with GREENMAX, more and more consumer goods companies hope to introduce EPS recycling solution to achieve "green packaging".