Biodegradable Plastic Gradually Will Replace To Other Bags

Green development has been advocating for many years in China, we did a lot of work to overcome the white pollution, and now need further promote and develop. The lignin is now made of biodegradable plastics, lignin also comes from the plant stalks, to better reflect its advantages in resources, agriculture gave the birth of a high value-added industries.

There are largest plastic products in China, 8,000 tons, if using 10% of biodegradable plastics, there are 200-300 billion of output value, can reduce 16 million tons of petrochemical resource consumption, reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 24 million tons or more. This thing is hard to do, but through the efforts, the 10% of target can be done. We can learn from the United States, starting with simple place, start to process pet waste bags and promote of biodegradable plastics. Pet population is affluent groups, they have a strong environmental awareness. If appeared in the form of legislation, it is bound to promote the development of the market, to bring a new momentum of development. If biodegradable bags can replace household garbage bags, this is a very big market, and it should be necessary to do. After the work is completed, and then gradually replace other garbage bags, or other films, it becomes possible to gradually extend.

According to the general idea that included investigation focused, rectification, investigate and punish illegal ban, the EPA conducted waste plastics processing rectification, to further standardize the management of waste plastics processing industry environment, to effectively combat environmental violations, to ensure regional security environment, to solve large outstanding environmental problems.

INTCO GREENMAX company carried out waste foam recycling and processing in strict accordance with the requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency, and further standardized the processing of waste foam recycling and environmental management, help solve the global problem of white pollution, further protected the safety of the plant environment. 

Using waste EPS recycling machine can avoid the pollution on environment, save resource and offer convenience for EPS material transportation. If the styrofoam material can be recollected and recycled, more people will have an opportunity to get a job and the employment pressure will be reduced. That is to say, recycling of EPS is environmental protection and a good way to solve social problem.