Applying GREENMAX Foam Densifier is a Seriously Profitable for Foam Recycling

According to the figure of Environmental Protection Agency(EPA), 9.1% of foam material generated in the U.S. Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) stream was recycled in 2015. Another 15.5% was combusted for energy while 75.4% was sent to landfills, which is still the main method to deal with foam in most enterprises. While many businesses are still suffering from the high cost of landfill, many smart companies have started using foam densifier to recycle foam.

Here's a representative instance. Insulation Tech is a professional foam manufacturing company from Massachusetts, which is spent at least $15,000 for landfill cost a year. As their business growing, the owner of Insulation Tech, Nancy, realized it’s high time to change the situation and seek a more effective solution. In 2019, he contacted GREENMAX Recycling through a friend and installed a GREENMAX foam densifier in the warehouse. This foam melting machine cures the headache of Nancy and he is no need to spend time thinking about the landfill cost and how to dispose foam.

GREENMAX foam densifier is a foam melting machine based on hot-melting technology for foam treatment. Its operation process is not complex. Once the hopper is put into foam, the integrated system of crushing, hot melting and extrusion will make the process of foam recovery automatic and simple. After the processing of the foam melting machine, the original large foam will become hot melting ingots with only 2% of its original volume, which can be sold to recyclers or purchased back by GREENMAX. Actually, Insulation Tech achieved over $10,000 profit through selling the melted ingots in just one year.


Nowadays, GREENMAX has a high reputation in the world. It can achieve success benefits by it not only sells foam densifier, but also provides customers with 100% total foam recycling scheme, which can make customers can not only deal with the foam smoothly after purchasing the foam melting machine, but also obtain profits from selling back ingots to GREENMAX, so as to realize a virtuous circle of recycling.