About Polystyrene Compactor APOLO Machine


Polystyrene, otherwise known as Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) or Styrofoam, is 98% air. For something that weighs so little, how much are you actually paying to transport it to landfill?


If you are loading up a van on a regular basis to take your polystyrene to landfill, and spending more than $75 a week disposing of EPS polystyrene waste, then it will pay to have a polystyrene compactor, sometimes known as an EPS recycling system.


Q: What Are Polystyrene Compactors?


The polystyrene compactor can compact all kinds of EPS scraps and bulk EPS into a compact size. The compactor machine can compact the volume of Styrofoam as high ratio. It’s similar to make a laptop become a small key of the keyboard. The compact size of EPS is easy to transport and store in a warehouse.


GREENMAX EPS compactor will compact your polystyrene by 98%, reducing your disposal costs significantly, but that isn't all. Compact polystyrene to turn a waste stream into a revenue stream. Compacted polystyrene is a valuable resource which can be sold to recyclers.


Recyclers will often pay a high price for compacted polystyrene. But you will only get these prices if the polystyrene is compacted using an EPS compactor. The amount you can sell it for depends on the quantity you have available, and the weight of each load.


Q: Why Choose GREENMAX For Your Polystyrene Compactor?


As recycling specialist, GREENMAX supply three models of EPS polystyrene compactors for low, medium and high volumes. No matter how much polystyrene you will be recycling, we're confident we'll have the right machine for you.


We also offer to buy back your compacted polystyrene blocks from you, meaning what once was a waste disposal cost, can now become a viable revenue stream. You bought a machine and got a complete polystyrene recycling solution.