About GREENMAX Z series surface melting machine


Q: What is a surface melting machine?


A: At GREENMAX, the surface melting machine belongs to the Z series machine. It is specially designed for PE (PE foam) material. It solves the expansion problem of PE foam perfectly by surface densifier technology, and because the PE foam densifier ingot is too hard, difficult to granulate. So this machine also called PE foam compactor machine.


The machine contains a sharp cutting machine that cuts a variety of foams, especially PE foam, into small pieces of 20-50 mm. Using a unique screw technology, the air content of the PE material is extruded to produce a high density PE block.


Q: Why choose GREENMAX as your surface melting machine?


A: GREENMAX's Z series PE foam compactor machine use advanced SIEMENS, PHOENIX, SCHNEIDER, NSK and other spare parts to ensure the safety, reliability and durability of the machine. At the same time, the Z series machines are equipped with a variety of accessories to ensure the automation of the machine and reduce labor costs.


We offer three models of PE foam compressors for low, medium and high capacity. No matter how much polystyrene you will recycle, we believe we will provide you with the right machine:


Zeus-C100: Small PE foam compactor with a throughput of 100 kg per hour


Zeus-C200: medium-sized PE foam compactor, the throughput of this compactor is 200 kg per hour


Zeus-C300: large-scale PE foam compactor with a throughput of 300 kg per hour


In addition to providing you with a recycling machine, GREENMAX also offers you the right to buy back your compacted PE from yours, which means that the cost of waste disposal can now be a viable source of income.