A ultimate key-step to clean up the polystyrene litter with GREENMAX machine

With the rhythm of modern life getting faster and faster, a lot of people enjoy takeout food. But these disposable polystyrene foam consumption has increased in multiples, packaging boxes, plastic bags have become the main litter of the city. These litter seriously affects our city, environment as well as the oceans.

However, it requires a lot of manpower and costs to solve polystyrene litter. As we all know polystyrene foam is about 98 percent air and it is not easy to biodegrade which makes it will takes hundreds of years to decompose.

Experts estimate that China produces about 5 million tons of polystyrene foam waste annually. Until now, the technology for recycling polystyrene is not yet mature enough. A lot of recycling plants has already realized the importance of recycling polystyrene with a professional recycling machine.
GREENMAX machine has been welcomed over 60 countries and regions. Surely, such polystyrene recycling machines can also be found in GREENMAX.

The polystyrene compactor can smash the bulky foam into pieces and then compress the foam into dense EPS blocks with high ratio 50:1 which means the compressed material is 50 times smaller than the loose foam. Additionally, this pressed EPS blocks can be reused make other products.
A ultimate key-step to clean up the waste polystyrene litter with polystyrene compactor