A pilot project to recycle EPS foam has been launched in the UK


The city council in the UK has just approved a one-year pilot project to recycle expanded polystyrene - the hard EPS foam often used in electronics and electrical packaging - which will help residents avoid adding more waste to the Salford landfill.


Taylor Crinklaw, the city's public works director, said: "We want to move as much waste as possible from the landfill."


The city's pilot program plans to buy an EPS recycling equipment and put it on a truck to collect foam waste at various residential recycling sites. Instead, it will compress EPS foam on site to reduce transportation costs and recycle as more foam waste possible.


At the end of the one-year probation period, city staff will review the results and the council will decide to proceed with the project or not.


The customer has equipped his own truck to place our machines and collect the waste at the local recycling points. The solution not only solves the problem of large waste volume, difficulty in dispersing and recycling, but also makes more recycling points willing to accept EPS waste.


GREENMAX EPS compactor is a screw compacting machine, which can reduce the foam volume at a ratio of 50:1. The crushing and melting process makes the foam dense and neat, and the compacted foam blocks can be reused to make new foam products like foam picture frames and decorative moldings.


EPS recycling is a viable project, especially now more and more countries have adopted policies to limit the use of disposable plastic products. At present, the control of plastics such as EPS is very strict in Europe, and EPS foam manufacturers have begun to purchase recycling equipment to recycle EPS waste generated during the production process. EPS recycling has a good prospect.