A kind of polystyrene compactor that can achieve the goal of recycling resources

Chunks of polystyrene have been found near the North Pole by scientists. This is very shocking how polystyrene litter has spread.


According to the scientists, it is one of the most northern sightings of plastic in the world's waters and they surmise the material is flowing into the Arctic as ice melts as a result of Climate Change. 

“For the 25 years I have been exploring the Arctic I have never seen such large and very visible items of rubbish.”Mr Hadow said, a explorer who has found the blocks of polystyrene on ice floes between 77°and 80°north in the Arctic Ocean.

As it estimated by The Ocean Cleanup Project, there are up to 5 trillion pounds of plastic litter in the ocean and two-thirds of it comes from the 20 most contaminated rivers - 67% of the global total.
The scale of polystyrene pollution has exceeded our imagination, from land to ocean, even to the North Pole. Alot of people have already been aware that recycling polystyrene is very urgent.


If we were to examine our daily lives, we might realize how much plastic litter we were arbitrarily throwing away every day.  However, when it comes to polystyrene recycling, We must consider that it is not easy to recycle it because polystyrene is chunky and light. Fortunately, with the development of recycling technology, the solution of polystyrene disposal has greatly improved.


GREENMAX is a leader in recycling polystyrene, they produce a kind of polystyrene compactor which can reduce the volume of chunks of polystyrene with high ratio 50:1. The material can easily be compressed into EPS blocks by the compacting system of the machine. 

After the whole process of compacting, the EPS blocks can also be used to make frame products to achieve the aim of reusing and recycling resources. When considering to recycle waste polystyrene or EPS, you must have this high-efficiency machine. If interested, you are welcome to leave your comments.