Yogurt Cup Recycling Plays an Important Role in Plastic Recycling

Yogurt is good for health so there is a large consumption amount of Yogurt every day, which correspondingly brings huge volumes of yogurt cups. Although some companies have invented biodegradable plastic materials for yogurt cups, the major portions of this product are still made from non-degradable materials, like PS and PP.


Therefore, it is very necessary to do the yogurt cup recycling.

On the one hand, yogurt cups are usually in lovely appearance, so it’s a good idea to DIY with the empty yogurt cups. There many good examples of turning the waste yogurt cup into useful or decorative little things, such as storage boxes, plant pots and various kinds of toys.


All you should do is to clean up the yogurt residue first and then change the cups with your own imagination. It is quite easy and interesting and can beautify the life.

On the other hand, yogurt cups can be compacted and dewatered by plastic recycling machines professional for yogurt cups. Apart from the small part of yogurt cups that can be reused by people in daily life, the majority should be recycled back and processed through certain methods. As the PS and PP materials are light in weight, it’s costive to transport large volumes of yogurt cups. The best way is to reduce the volume first.


GreenMax provides a solution for yogurt cups recycling. The GreenMax Poseidon is specially designed for plastic containers like PET Bottles and Yogurt Cups. Poseidon can extract the yogurt residue from the cups effectively, and by dewatering and compacting, yogurt cups are in much smaller sizes.


Besides Poseidon, GreenMax also provides other plastic recycling machines, such as EPS/Polystyrene Compactor, which mainly provides service for EPS recycling.