Extruded Polystyrene Styrofoam, XPS for short, is a foamed material extruded by special processing. Its appearance is well-distributed and smooth, inside succession foam are balanced in honeycomb structure. Therefore, it holds high pressure resistance, light weight, non water absorbance and non-degradable properties.

Similar to EPS, XPS has a higher rigidity and a better heat preservation. It still maintains its complete high pressure resistance and heat preservation properties even when it is soaked in water. For these reasons, XPS is particularly suitable for buildings to insulating heat, keeping warm and preventing moisture. It is one of the best construction materials.

It is now widely used in wall heat preservation, airport pavement, highway, and parking flat. XPS walls are popular in western countries, and China has developed a lot recent years. There are lots of XPS wall producers.

But as XPS is non-degradable, it is very harmful to the environment if waste XPS is buried. The good news is that our company INTCO recycles waste XPS. Our machine GREENMAX Apolo Series is designed to compact waste XPS to a much smaller size. Then we process the XPS block into XPS pellets which can be reused for new products.

We sales GREENMAX to those who have large scales of waste XPS but doesn’t make good use of the recyclable waste, we can provide a total solution. So that you can make profits from these waste XPS.