INTCO Recycling—We Smile, and We Want to Make You Smile

INTCO Recycling is developing quickly in the EPS recycling field. We have sold our GreenMax recycling machine to more than 50 countries and regions. Annually we recycle 50,000 tons of waste EPS, and processed them into 1,200,000 cases of PS moldings. By doing so, we save 2,000,000 trees and reduces 10,000 tons of carbon emission every year.

We make these great achievements due to the high qualities of our products, advanced technologies of production, and long-term vision in the EPS recycling industry. And also, it’s inseparable with our smiling service.

Shanghai Team
Shanghai Team
Shanghai Team

We smile because we are in the promising industry.

We smile because we are busy for the green business.

We smile because we are truly proud of what we are doing.

And that’s far from enough…

We want to make you smile by our sincere smiling service.

Shandong Team
Shandong Team

Smiling service is not a mask of facial expression, but a pleased and pleasing emotion deep down from our heart. We genuinely wish that we can provide you the satisfying cooperation.

smile in Christmas

And as Christmas is coming, we decorate our office with Christmas trees and bells. The winter is cold but we feel warm in such a smiling and festive atmosphere.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!