Visiting Different Places to Purchase High Quality Fitting for Greenmax Machines

Brand is the soul of products, which have a great influence on products sale. So our company have a strict with the machine parts purchase. Meanwhile, our manager together with purchasers to visit some excellent machine parts providers.

The visit that our manager not only to visit the factory but also have a comprehensive survey on machine parts production. To ensure that we could buy high-qualified products, our machine engineers also went to the factory to buy good machine fittings.

The following picture is the visit picture.

Of-course, we pay much more attention to a company’s products quality, but we also consider the company’s management condition. Thus, we could buy better machine fittings after a field trip.

It is never enough to pay attention to details, and our company focus on quality and we will not sell our products if we could not produce high-qualified machines.

The following picture is factory visit.

In addition, chairman of our company have said that we prefer not to sell our machines if we had no high-qualified machines and we hoped Greenmax could have a very good reputation and could have a brand effect finally.

Our aim this year is to achieve perfection of our company, so visiting distributor is the reflection of pursuing perfection. Hoping more machines could be produced under strict supervision, and more our products could be sold all over the world.